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Saturday, May 14, 2005


This post has been removed due to parental complaint. The Management requests that you never speak of it again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Consider it a Learning Experience

I have just endured close to ten minutes of listening to my dog scream at the top of his lungs thinking my mom was home because my father was repeatedly opening and shutting the garage door in an attempt to fix it. I'm pretty darn sure that violated the Geneva Accords. Oi....

Well, AP tests are over, or at least they should be. Unfortunately, for me they still loom on the horizon. You see, a funny thing happened to me on the way to my AP English exam....or more precisely I'm a moron. Let me explain. I was happily going about my week, the joyous thought of graduation balancing out the impendning tests. Alas, I seemed to have caught an insiduous touch of that transformation that overtakes seniors as the end of their highschool career approaches. My first AP test, an afternoon test, arrived and passed with very little pain. The next morning I was scheduled to take my AP English test. Now, it so happened that for some reason my memory failed me as to what time my past morning AP exams had started. Somehow it never occured to me to look up the time in whatever AP information I had been given or to ask around for the time. No, this was not for me. Instead, I chose to rely on the obviously infallible statement of my video teacher when I told him I had the exam the next morning of "Oh really? That's at what? Nine? You don't need to bother coming in to class then." This was quite satisfactory for me. After all, they couldn't start an exam of this caliber any earlier than 9 a.m., now could they? Thus, the next morning, feeling quite rested after my extended night's sleep, I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and set of to school unhurredly. As I drove however, I began to get that strange feeling deep in my gut that stinks of premonition. At first I shrugged it off in blissful ignorance, but as time passed I began to speed up my approach to school. I had nothing to worry about though, right? After all, I was assured of the time and I could be confident that my information was from the best and most accurate sources. I do believe I sped for the last few minutes of the trip.
And so I arrived at school, hurried inside (to be early of course, so I could calm my nerves which were obviously only acting up due to the stress of the coming test). The lack of students standing outside the testing room in a studying frenzy was my first clue that something was horribly wrong. That feeling in my stomach took hold of me and when I cracked open the door and peered in to see my classmates diligently (or at least frantically) filling out their tests. I distinctly remember everything inside me sinking well below my shoes. My last hope was brutally slain when my eyes were caught by the writing on the whiteboard. It read "BEGIN: 8:25 a.m." And so, after enduring the condescending words of the secretary (or more precisely the condescending tone. You can't undestand a word that comes out of that woman's mouth) and the acerbic lecture that followed from the very stressed out assisstant principle in charge of AP testing at East, here I am, forty dollars poorer and scheduled for a make up exam on either the twentieth of May, or May birthday. Strangely enough, I find consolation in the great humor of the poetic justice in all this. hehehe.

In other news, some people have too much time on their hands. I cannot decide whether to thank God for such people or to turn them all into an army of zombie slaves with which I can conquer North Dakota. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Acronym Game

So I figure I promised y'all a post and therefore I must give you one. Unfortunately, this is AP test week and as such, I don't feel too creative at the moment. Caught in the quandry of how to produce a post worth posting in such a dilemma, I was struck with a brilliant idea: make an entirely interactive post. This is a post to demonstrate the creativity of you, my incredible comrades. So, let us play the acronym game. The acronym game? you ask. Why yes, the acronym game. Behold, the rules given in AP test style:

Part II: Free Response Section
Total Time -30 Seconds
Question 1

(Suggested time-instantaneous. This question counts as 500% of the total essay section score)

Below is a list of undefined acronyms. Read each acronym carefully. Then, in a well-written response, define each acronym, analyzing the significance of each. In your response, consider elements such as point of view, imagery, and structure.

a) NSA

Enjoy. Please note, you are in no way obligated to define all of those things. Just whichever ones you choose. You can feel free to slap me later for my complete and utter laziness with regards to this post. Oh, and thanks to Alyssa (and Jo) for the inspiration for the "acronym game". Yay!

For those of you who desired to see the wombat poem I spoke of, here it is. Er...some viewer discretion advised. Later y'all.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

"Be turned on!!" -alyssa... concerning.. her camera..yeah..

Originally uploaded by PlushToy.
this is jo..
and she is posting on the blog.. of... BEN........
this is not her blog....
this is ben's blog....
and jo is posting on it...
:D :D :D :D .... vengeful wrath...... RAH..... (i just felt like saying that for no good/important/meaningful reason at all... yeah... sup?)


(and ben just totally admitted to using the word "totally"............. *sigh*.... beautiful...)

and alyssa is keeping a running commentary on the proper/improper usage of grammar in this innocent little post of mine.. sheesh... crazy kids... she is also chinning me... .... ... ..... .......... .....yeah.....

we totally moved the hollands into their new house today.. good stuff.. i did very little.. fie for shame..
we stewed
we watched family guy
(oh and spaz stole my potato salad... frigging idjet.....)
and chung totally conked out on the couch for a very long time.. hilawious

"you look tired, and angry, and slightly confused.."
-alyssa (concerning an incredibly hilarious photo of benjamin..)

yeah.. alyssa and ben and i are camped out in front of her computer (frank) taking pictures and talking to strange people (besides eachother)... this is fun... and i'm posting.. on ben's blog... i am totally sketched out right now.. these kids are psycho.. i drew a flower on ben's neck.. perhaps he is angered towards me.. not cool..

chilling with 'lyssa and ben
i just hope it's not 'lyssa and sven
if you don't see me around
perhaps i'll be found
at the bottom of a rocky gully or glen.

"i HOPE it was to the camera"

i am totally digging this whole posting on ben's blog kinda thing.. yeah.. even though i am posting about absolutely nothing of substance.. and i don't think anyone will have honestly read this far as they will have probably lost interest long ago..