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Sunday, June 19, 2005

ARE YOU UP A TREE?!! (also entitled "Have a Glorious Father's Day")

Happy Father's Day! I hope all of you have sufficiently honored your fathers (however many of them you may or may not have, starting with the biological one).

In other news, War Cry was great. It was very different than previous years (sorry George), but there's nothing wrong with that. It was definitely a different experience for me, especially since a lot of what I got out of it was preparation for things to come more than personal breakthroughs, which was cool. It's good to know that I'm being prepared for something. Another thing that sets this War Cry apart was what happened Thursday night back at the dorms. We (the guys) have had some pretty heavy small group meetings at War Cry in the past, but nothing quite like this. What happened was essentially this: the events of the evening meeting and our subsequent small group meeting led to smoe fairly heavy spiritual warfare in our dorm. Some of the guys who had never really had any exposure to the demonic got (quite understandably) really freaked out by what had happened in the meeting and the discussion we had about it, to the point of (from what I gathered, George please correct me if I'm wrong) something ressembling a panic attack. So, I hear the commotion from all of this and come into the room next door to find all the guys from my small group there having a small meeting where George was basically explaining the nature of the demonic to everyone (e.g. "Big God, wee little demons, so let's just give God the glory and forget about the wee little demons) and leading an impromptu prayer and worship session (I guess I threw in a wee bit of leadership too, but George mostly was acting as the authority. I was very proud of you bro. Still am). It was simply awesome. It was one of those rare moments in your life when you look around you and everything in your soul says "This is right. This is how life should be. This is what fellowhip is. This is what being a man means." To see a room full of men on their knees together before their Lord and God, repenting of things they had hidden away for years only to now confess them before Him in the presence of their brothers....that is beauty. That is worship. That is warfare. That is the truth of the God we serve.

This just in: if you haven't checked out Terminal yet (the band, not the movie), I would strongly encourage you too. They are one of the newest additions to good ol' Tooth and Nail and I am personally loving them a great deal. They've got some similarities to Third Eye Blind and JEW, but they've definitely got their own unique and diverse flavor, but that's all I'm gonna say. Go and taste them for yourself.

By the way, a week ago yesterday, something beautiful, something extraordinary, something that strikes to the core of everything that is humanity took place....

I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is beautiful. It really is.

Monday, June 13, 2005


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Friday, June 10, 2005


Who's Your Daddy?
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First, an apology. I meant to get this up back on Monday, but I've been having computer issues that prevented me from doing so. Anyways, on to the post.

Some of you may be confused by the title, because Monday was the anniversary of D-Day, not VE-Day, but I beg your indulgence. Monday was my own personal Victory at East Day, as it marked the last day of class that I will ever have there. As such, I decided a change in my normal attire was warranted, seeing as how the entire previous week I had already shunned desks and brought my own folding camp chair instead. But what to wear? Well, it just so happens that5 our very own Joanna Cutrara had bestowed upon me the particular articles of clothing that you see in the pibture just the week before as a birthday present. I found them to be most appropriate, although I'm pretty sure they made my physics teacher cry. It also had to be pretty bad for everyone else in my French class. I'm the only senior in the class and I have at least a B, so I was exempt from taking the exam. The rest of the class was not. So here we are on Monday, the entire class furiously working on the composition part of their exam....and then there's me, lounging in my Chair, half asleep, wearing pajamas. I'll bet they all wrote about how they wanted to kill me right then.
Yes, but I am officially finished with High School forever and for always. I had my one and only exam on Wednesday morning, a refreshingly easy state Physics exam. The only obstacle left for me is to survive my graduation and not trip at any time for the duration of the ceremony...or fall asleep when they're calling names....well...maybe I could...if someone would be willing to wake me up when it was my turn...

Speaking of graduation, it's going to be tomorrow (that's Saturday)from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Dean Smith Center if any of you want to come. I wouldn't particularly recommend it, seeing as how it would involve sitting for three hours listening to people you don't know talk (including however many of our twelve valedictorians decide to make speeches, and yes I did say twelve), and watching people you don't know (except me, but I'm only one of over three hundred) walk down some steps, and then up some steps then across a stage, and then down some steps. Yippee.

Anyways, sorry for the long dry spell. I hope to have more posts up for yua soon to make up for it, but we'll see. You take care now, y'hear?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please bear with us. Post to come very, very soon.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stalling Tactics

Here's a wee something to keep y'all occupied until I can get the real meat out. I wrote this back in March for my English class. Hope you enjoy it.

Les Lettres

We spend our lives sending little letters to each other,
Stuffing our words into tiny envelopes,
Licking stamps of approval and signing our names
To each
And every

And so our letters fly back and forth,
Sometimes we send flowers and sometimes papercuts,
But we all pay the fare
For each
And every
Word spoken.

And thus we go through a life of send and receive,
But lovers pay a higher postage,
For their parcels are heavier
With each
And every
Piece of their whole hearts.

Coming Attractions

The following are planned posts that simply require the time necessary to do them justice:
"Do Red-Headed Men Dream of Flightless Birds?"
"Being Legal"
"The End is Near"
...and many more.

Tune in again in a day or two and see that I haven't posted anything and then check back again the next day and you'll probably see something new up here Until then, I bid you well and please don't eat me.