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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dear Blog,
No, I haven't forgotten about you. Fear not. I have merely acquired that inconvenience to the creative process and to leisurely activities, like blogging, known as a job. Eight hours of changing mouse cages has a rather draining effect and leaves little time and energy to juggle other things, like a girlfriend, nifty shows on hulu, other writing projects, and, y'know, sleep and food and stuff...well, even super important things like my blog can sometimes fall through the cracks a bit. Sorry 'bout that. Mayhaps when I get an apartment, which should be soonish, I'll have a bit more time to chill at home and relax and get down to the serious business of blogging but for now you may have to content yourself with these "Still here!" posts and perhaps a few scattered real, albeit brief, posts of some kind or other. Anyways. I needs some dinner, so I'll be seeing you later.

p.s. No, I don't *literally* juggle my girlfriend. That'd be weird and possibly impossible. And so are you for thinking it. Well, at least the weird part. You're most likely possible.
You're weird.


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