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Friday, March 05, 2010

My, my. What is this business?

"Few cities in all of the greater Alcarion Kingdom were as quaint and quietly beautiful as this one. Nestled between rolling hills and the fertile plains spreading out beyond the small river Tiphen, its small cottages spread out from the stately yet unassuming stone keep and elegant cathedral at the city center. Buildings rested comfortably together, spreading out from the city’s center to dot the verdant hills. At least, the hills could have been called verdant if it weren’t for the fact that they weren’t green. The hills, like everything in the entire Earldom of Grey, were completely devoid of color. While many speculated that this was due to an ancient curse brought down upon the first Earl of Grey by a vengeful sorceress with an ironic sense of humor whose advances he spurned, the true cause of the land’s achromia was not known outside of the earldom. Since speculation on such matters was most certainly not the duty of a knight, Sir Wincent Tripost Drapery III didn’t trouble with it. Instead he troubled himself with the attention he was likely to draw in such a place. Not only was this an area of the Kingdom little frequented by the Alcarion Knights, but the fact that he would retain his color for a few days would make him stand out like a naked dwarf in a nunnery…not that an Alcarion Knight would be so crass as to use such a metaphor. Sir Drapery sighed heavily and spurred his horse on down to the path through the hills.

This was beginning to get frustrating. Sir Drapery had a sneaking suspicion that one of his superiors really didn’t like him. He had visited fifteen separate inns and none of them had any sort of provision for the long-term accommodation that his assignment would require him to have. After a full month of hard riding across the countryside where he had been forced to stay in seedy tavern lodging or camp by the roadside, now at the end of his journey he, a Knight of Alcarion, couldn’t find a place to sleep! And so he now found himself staring up at the sign for the small boarding house down by the river to which the last innkeeper had directed him. The sign read “Mister Sister’s Bookstore and Boarding House for Wanderers and the Whimsically Inclined”. The sign went on to list the regular mealtimes, half of which Sir Drapery had never heard of. Well, the innkeeper had warned him that the owner of the boarding house was a little on the eccentric side. With another heavy sigh, Sir Drapery squared his shoulders and walked inside."



Blogger heartlikeaglass said...

yay!!! i can't tell you how happy i am that more of mister sister is happening! :D or, at least, not until i can see you to hug you...

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