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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Numerical Revelations

So, last night while as I was falling asleep I realized that the year 2002 was the last symmetrical year that will fall in my lifetime (the next being in 2112). As I thought more along these lines (my mind goes weird places when I'm going to sleep) I realized that anyone like me who has been alive between 1991 and 2002 has the distinction of being among the few generations that have had two symmetrical years go by in their lifetimes for almost a thousand years. The last time there were two symmetrical years closer together than 110 years apart was back in the year 1001 (it had year 999 before it). The next time this will occur won't be for another thousand years, with the years 2992 and 3003. Now, things were different before the year 1000. Back then, you had symmetrical years at least every 10 years apart. Anyways, I just thought those of us who have lived to see 1991 and 2002 should know that we have one more thing to be proud of that we had very little to do with. Props, everybody.


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