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Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Lament for Strong Bad

Oh Strong Bad, great poet, keen satirist, profound sage, and preeminent typist with boxing gloves far have you fallen? Where are the masses who once adored and clamored for you when you missed a week's longed-for update?
Seriously though, what's up, man? It's been, what, 2 months since your site last updated? Even longer since the last SBemail. You've missed Christmas *and* the New Year. I understand your glory days are most likely over, but at least put up a fight on your way out man! Sure, you tried the "HRemail" thing to try and reignite some interest, but putting so much time between updates kinda puts a damper on things. I remember a time when you could be talking to your friends and say "Hey, did you see that Strong Bad where..." and they'd be all like "Oh yeah, and the Cheat was all like..." but'll be lucky if you get a response of "Man, it's been forever since I kept up with those. I'm seriously far behind." Except they're probably only about 3 emails and a toon behind, even though they stopped watching two and a half years ago. Now, I understand that even the greatest of internet giants can only last so long before the spotlight moves on to something newer and edgier and apparently more hilarious. I understand how fickle the masses can be, but still. To sort of trickle away into obscurity, with fewer toons and more sales in your store? Hawking your wares to any and all who cast a glance your way? Heck, this last Trogday you didn't even bother with a new toon. You just linked a few old toons and games and posted a big sale on Troggy-related merchandise. That's just sad, my friend. And so I post this open letter of protest (which you will never read, in part because you're fictional) to challenge you to raise your luchador-esque head once more and declare that if you are to go out then you will not fade away into the night, but will go out with one final massive bang of an explosion that has one of those blast-wavy Saturn rings that have become so popular lately! Or at least start updating more regularly.



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