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Friday, March 18, 2005

Spring Retreatishness

Mmmm...lunch: that brief period of seeming freedom in the midst of a day ruled by the all powerful bell. Sounds like a good time for a post to me.

So, today we leave for the Spring Retreat and all its retreaty goodness. I just hope the haze of anti-itch powder in the senior high guys cabin isn't as bad this year...the retreat this year is going to be particularly interesting for me, as it will be the first youth retreat for me that my dad has gone on. For those of you who didn't make the connection, it is in fact my very own most excellent father who shall be leading one of the workshops (I highly recommend the workshop by the way. If you didn't get it as one of your two and wish you could've gone, I can hook you up with the notes from it). So yeah, even though he's leaving early (which means I'm gonna need to hitch a ride would be nice if I could actually arrange to get one too. Just ask Ray about my alternative ideas for finding a ride home), but just having him there should be interesting, and I don't mean that in a bad way. I love my dad. He's awesome. Sure, we've had problems, as all sons and fathers do, but I'm still kind of excited to have him coming. It'll be cool. Besides, this time if Mark/Tony beats me up in wrestling, dad'll eat him ;P

Well, Scott's over now, so I'd better just stick what I got up now (not like I really had anything else to say that was worth saying anyway. I mean, c'mon). Well, I guess I'll see y'all later.

Rock out everybody.


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Spring Retreat IN MAH BELLY!!

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