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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Okay, so yesterday was actually the last day of class, cleverly referred to as LDOC. That means that for about the next week I have no class (I still have to write two papers and study for my exams, but hey! There's no class!). Now, to celebrate this joyous occasion there are many goings on throughout the day, mostly quad barbeques and various student group performances. Oh, and drinking. Did I mention that? Yes, lots of drinking. Anyways, the headline event is the concert on the main quad in the evening (this year I believe it was Jason Mraz, whoever he is, preceeded by some rapper who had to apologize for statements he made at his last concert concerning the Duke lacrosse team...). Like last year, I did not attend. Why not, you ask? Why miss out on the good times? Because, my friend, those aren't the kind of good times that are really my style. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy good, live music just fine, I just don't like the crowd that comes along with this particular concert. It's a time for drinking, making out, hooking up, drinking, being loud and raucous, drinking, and more drinking (thus leading to other interpretations of LDOC, such as Lotsa Drunks on Campus or Lacivious Dudes Ogling Chicks). Seriously, I've heard people say they are going to put a bottle by their bedside so it's right at hand when they wake up. I walked across the quad to get back to my room after the concert was over and it looked like a warzone and it was questionable who won, the students of the booze (the booze was slaughtered to a can, but there were a few student casualties as well, though most of those were probably felt this morning.) Yeah, so I sequestered myself in the library and only ventured out to go feed myself and chat with my roommate. Alright, alright. I'm done complaining and bemoaning my fate as a non-adherent to the philosophy of sex, booze, and not thinking about the consequences. Speaking of consequences though, someone must have a cruel and sadistic streak a mile wide because around 8-ish this morning someone pulled the fire alarm in one of the other dorms. All those poor, severely hung-over people. That must've been a great way to start the day. Anyways, I'm hungry and tired, so I'm going to get some food then go to bed.

Oh, and about that last, yeah. I'm insane. Pay me no heed.


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