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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Eggplant Patches: The Battlefields of the Future

I think I may have found the springboard for my next ramble: eggplant camouflage. I actually spent a good deal of time in my his....ahem, in my social studies class discussing that very subject and the practicallity of making a backpack out of said purple-based camo. I mean, what good would it be if you couldn't fit inside it? Then if you did try and hide in a field of eggplants your backpack would be impossible to see, sure, but you'd still stand out like Bambi at an NRA convention. Heck, a one-eyed, mentally deficient, severely inebriated, one-legged monkey who's completely blind could probably point you out with no problem. Eventually the conversation turned away from backpacks over to the obvious military implications of having camo capable of concealing a person lying prone in an eggplant patch. I believe it went something like this:

"Yeah man, I bet you there was some dude in 'Nam who wished he had purple camo."
"Oh yeah, he just found himself in an eggplant patch and tried to hide but all he had was that stupid green and brown junk, and then some random VC pops up and frags him."
"Ha ha, he'd be like 'Dammit! All I've got is this brown crap. Oh dam..AAAAGGH!"
"Yep, and his last thought was probably "If only I had some purple camo. I've been wandering around in the jungle for months in this mokey-suit and haven't gotten shot at once, but now I end up in the one eggplant patch in all of Vietnam and I'm screwed." (This conversation is completely true to the original...except for the places where I fudged something I didn't quite remember, or where I embellished somewhat, or where I straight up just made stuff up right now. Yep, totally accurate.)

Yep, so these are the sorts of things that I talk about when I have free time at the end of classes. Hey, at least it's better than the English class when I spent about twenty minutes discussing with a few guys what we thought the most horrible way to die would be (that was the same class that I ran into three consecutive people just trying to get out the door. Yeah, I'm graceful).

To wrap it up, here's something that I jotted down at the three red lights on the way to my meeting with Bryan and George. Jeremy was supposed to be there too, but he didn't make it. That's okay though. We love him anyway (he's still fired though). I did polish out the end when I got to Barnes and Nobles, and a wee bit when I got home, but that was just because the lights didn't last long enough for me to write down everything. Anyhow, I thought it appropriate considering the topic of my last post and seeing how posting such things seems to be in vogue amongst my fellow bloggers. Here it is:

Goin' 70 on the backroads
There's nothing to hold me,
nothing behind me
except memories
and a bloody salvation.

I've got miles of road
but my fuel's running low.
Let this be the last gasp
the last run
the last breath
for freedom's sake.

Sunset in the rear-view mirror
as I chase a new dawn,
a new day.
My day
Your day
I'm not running away,
I'm running to you,
running with you

And the freedom's in the motion,
in the journey
not the destination
not where I came from
or where I'm going.
You're interested in the process
in the relationship
and in the darkness
between the dusk and the dawn
we drive together.

Rock out y'all


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mmmmmmm.... :) ....snaps for ben..

3:57 PM  
Blogger heartlikeaglass said...

(: pretty...

12:24 AM  
Blogger PlushToy said...

Thanks, both of ya.

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